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HandyHost Digital Networks, established in 2012, offers shared hosting plans at a competitive price point. Here's a breakdown of their key features and potential considerations:

Services Offered:
Shared hosting: This is a budget-friendly option where your website shares server resources with other websites.

Target Market:
Individuals or businesses seeking a low-cost solution for hosting a basic website.

Key Features:
Seamless Control Panel: A user-friendly interface for managing your website files, email accounts, databases, and other hosting settings
Full Control Panel Access: You'll have full control over your hosting environment within the control panel.
IPv6 Support: Enables access to your website using the latest internet protocol version (may be less crucial for basic websites).
Softaculous Support: This tool simplifies the installation of popular website applications like WordPress, Joomla, and others.
Automated Backups: Regular backups of your website data for disaster recovery (specific backup frequency not mentioned).


Shared hosting plans start at only $5.00 per year, making them a very affordable option. (Be aware that such low introductory rates may come with renewal fees at a different price point).

In Conclusion:
HandyHost Digital Networks offers a very affordable entry point into web hosting with basic features. It might be a good option for simple websites or those on a tight budget. However, consider the limitations of shared hosting and explore their plans in detail to ensure they meet your website's requirements before signing up.

Other Hosting Plans Offered by HandyHost Digital Networks
In addition to shared hosting, HandyHost Digital Networks offers a variety of other hosting plans, including:

Reseller Hosting / Radio Reseller / VPS Servers / KVM Servers / Cloud Servers / RDP Servers / GPU Servers

These plans offer more features and resources than shared hosting, making them suitable for more complex websites or those expecting higher traffic volumes. You can find more information about these plans on HandyHost Digital Networks' website.

Contact info

Address: No 95, Ariyagama, Hatton