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Pars Parva System Company was formed under the brand name Pars Pack and registration number 353082 to be a pioneer. A pioneer in providing powerful hardware, reliable network and superior technology. Be a pioneer in paying attention to the customer, being sensitive to his needs and giving importance to his wishes; And we have fulfilled your need today with the unique efforts of all involved in this collection, and Parspack is proud to provide peace of mind to the Persian web world activists by providing the most suitable services. You will find Parspack different, so be with us and "be a shareholder of a new idea!"

Parspack has started its work by introducing powerful servers to support virtual servers. Similar to virtual servers, dedicated servers will be responsive to a wide audience with various needs. Government organizations, organizations, news agencies, large associations, game servers and other large web service sites can benefit from the extensive services of this department, along with the valuable support of the company's technical staff.

Virtual servers are most popular among young people and novice web developers. Because it is the best solution for individuals or small organizations who, with the intention of taking bigger steps in order to improve the world of the Persian web, can continue their growth by lowering the existing costs, perhaps virtual servers are the best hope for the newcomers of the vast web field. and active companies' attention to this matter will be a great help to the growth and maturity of the web industry in Iran. It is hoped that the Lord's attention will enlighten the path of excellence of this determination.

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Ramezani Tehran street corner Zaman No. 2