jayahost.com is not active web hosting company on WHTop

Jaya Host is not active web hosting company on WHTop and therefore we don't redirect. You can manually go to their website at https://www.digitalku.com/

Additionally you can read their older review page!


Redirected to https://www.digitalku.com/ as of 2024

Jayahost.com was founded in 2011. At that time it was named jayahost.com and provided Cheap Web Hosting, Cheap Domains, Website Development Services and various other services. Facilities PHP, Mysql, Nginx Fast Server. We strive to provide Premium quality, Jayahost.com is suitable for beginners who have never known the world of hosting even to professionals.

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Jayahost.com berdiri sejak tahun 2011. saat itu bernama jayahost.com dan menyediakan layanan Web Hosting Murah, Domain Murah, Jasa Pembuatan Website dan berbagai layanan lainnya. Fasilitas PHP, Mysql, Nginx Fast Server. Kami berusaha untuk Memberikan kualitas Premium, Jayahost.com cocok bagi pemula yang belum pernah mengenal dunia hosting bahkan sampai professional sekalipun.

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Office Address: Graha Indah A6/19, Paciran, Lamongan, East Java. postal code: 62264