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The Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) is a prominent telecommunications company based in Monrovia, Liberia, providing a wide range of services including telephone, Internet, fax, and radio services primarily to the Greater Monrovia area. Historically, LTC held a legal monopoly over fixed line services in Liberia until the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 2007. Even today, LTC remains the sole company licensed by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority to offer fixed line telephone services.

In 2020, amendments to the LTC Act mandated the expansion of LTC's operations to include full-scale mobile network services throughout Liberia, reflecting the company's commitment to advancing telecommunications infrastructure and services in the country.

Proudly positioned as Liberia's leading internet service provider, LIBTELCO (LTC) upholds principles of good corporate governance, social responsibility, and leadership within the Liberian business community. As a state-owned entity and the National Operator of Liberia, LIBTELCO recognizes its responsibility not only to the government but also to the Liberian people, who are its primary stakeholders, and to the communities it serves.

Established by the Liberian Telecommunications Corporation Act of 1973, LTC was tasked with constructing and operating the country's fixed-line communications infrastructure and providing essential services to residents and businesses. Initially, LTC also held exclusive policy-setting and regulatory authority over all telecommunications in Liberia, although these responsibilities were later transferred to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in 1978.

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