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Onlinemalls positions itself as a web hosting provider offering feature-rich packages, including functionalities often considered premium by competitors. Here's a breakdown of their key offerings and potential considerations:

Features Included in All Plans:

Security: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for encrypted data transmission.

Development Tools:
ChiliSoft ASP for server-side scripting using Active Server Pages technology.
Full Telnet Access for advanced server management (may require technical expertise).
CGI scripting for creating dynamic web content.
Frontpage extensions for easy website creation with Microsoft FrontPage software.
Content Management System (CMS):
Miva Empresa for building dynamic data-driven web pages (details on specific version not provided).

Ecommerce Features:
Miva Merchant, a popular tool for building online stores (specific version not provided).
1-click application installation for easy setup of ecommerce tools.
Website Management:
User-friendly control panel for managing your website files, databases, and other settings.
Easy site management tools (specific tools not mentioned).

Additional Features:
MySQL databases for storing website data.
99.9% uptime guarantee for reliable service.
Automatic updates for WordPress and other applications.
Free domain name registration (potentially for the first year, check details).
Website and domain transfer assistance.
30-day money-back guarantee.
24/7/365 premium customer support.
Target Market:

Onlinemalls seems to target individuals and businesses seeking feature-rich web hosting, particularly those interested in building online stores with Miva Merchant.

In Conclusion:
Onlinemalls appears to be a web hosting provider with feature-rich plans, including developer tools and ecommerce functionalities. Their focus on 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee is a plus.

Contact info

200 Medical Drive, Ste 2A
Carmel IN 46032

Sales Hotline: 800-390-6881
Tech Helpline: 317-844-6266