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Space2u, a key player in the Swedish hosting industry, has been a part of Loopia Group AB since November 2019. Loopia Group AB is recognized as one of Europe's leading companies in domain names and hosting services. Space2u operates a data center located in Kramfors, leveraging the natural resources of Northern rivers for electricity and the cold winters for efficient cooling, thus providing environmentally conscious hosting services.

Vision and Ambition:
Space2u aims to be the premier hosting service provider in Sweden, particularly excelling in premium services. The company's strategy is to continually enhance the quality and value of its domain, web hosting, and operational solutions, coupled with exceptional customer service.

Key Features:

Environmentally Conscious Operations: Space2u utilizes local natural resources to power and cool their data center, emphasizing sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
Premium Services: The company is dedicated to offering top-tier hosting services, focusing on reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction.
Enhanced Conditions Post-Merger: The merger with Loopia Group AB has strengthened Space2u’s ability to support Swedish entrepreneurs. This collaboration brings advanced technological innovation, business acumen, and world-class support to their customers.
Services Offered:

Domain Services:

Space2u provides domain registration and management services, ensuring businesses have a strong and reliable online presence.
Web Hosting:

The company offers a variety of web hosting solutions, tailored to meet the needs of different customers, from small businesses to large enterprises.
Operational Solutions:

Space2u provides comprehensive operational solutions, including server management, data storage, and backup services.

Commitment to Customers:

High-Tech Innovation: As part of the Loopia Group, Space2u has access to cutting-edge technology, enabling them to offer innovative and advanced hosting solutions.
Business Understanding: The company prides itself on understanding the unique needs of Swedish entrepreneurs and businesses, offering solutions that are both effective and efficient.
World-Class Support: Space2u is committed to providing exceptional customer support, ensuring that clients receive the assistance they need to succeed online.


Space2u stands out in the Swedish hosting industry for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. As part of the Loopia Group, Space2u is well-positioned to continue providing top-tier hosting services and support, helping businesses of all sizes achieve their online goals.

Contact info

0613 722550

visiting address
Järnvägsgatan 16

872 35 Kramfors

+46 (0) 613 722 550